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2/20/2023 A

Frigg No. 40= Last night, I had some bad dreams about family issues leading to the loss of hope and the death of my mother, and I couldn't help but think that I might have been the reason she died- even though I did everything I could to protect her from my brothers' insidious attempt to hurt her.

No. 40 usually occurs during times of making decisions when an individual has many doubts and isn't quite sure what to do. As such, this No. 40 is a symbol of encouragement from the wife of Odin.

When we lose motivation, confidence or both; not knowing what our goal is or doubting decisions we've already made, No. 40 is often sent to confirm that we are doing fine.

This number is meant to bring me some optimism and wake up my faith and hope. No matter what I've done or how indecisive I've been, Frigg is telling me it's okay. She says that maybe I just need to be patient and wait for things to clear up while things are slowing down in pace. This is a gift that will help me regain my strength and find new inspiration in the world around me. She wants me to know that there are new adventures and experiences in front of me, but I might not be able to see them because of my own lack of positivism. She asks me to just keep calm and let destiny guide me.

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