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2/23/2023 A

Lelahel No. 33= My intellect guardian Angel says it's now time for my wishes to become a reality. Ey wants me to think about how self-affirming and successful I am and try to connect deeply with the Ogdoad through my thoughts.

This Angel No. 33 is associated with creativity, development, skill Aquisition and self-expression. But in the short term, this number represents prosperity and success. As such, Lelahel wants me to know that I may be able to improve my health and career in the future, and I might be able to live a content life as a result.

Lelahel wants me to be brave yet have some self-control. Even so, the Angels will be keeping an eye out for me. Know that this is in response to me deciding to play the game "Elden Ring" this morning, which has drastically reduced the amount of messages I've been receiving form the Angels and Divine beings thereafter. You see, I've found that if our mind is focusing on fantasy or creative endeavors, it's difficult to receive Divine input. That's not to say that one can't get inspiration from above, it just means that either our mind is focusing deeper into the Ogdoad or towards the Divine by facing our ascension process in the search for truth, as these are opposite directions our soul might take.

This Angel No. 33 also indicates development is at hand. The term experience here refers to two concepts "to mature" and "having a lot of maturing to do." Lelahel asks me to make my faults known immediately because now is the time for me to atone for my errors. I must eliminate the bad aspects of my psyche in order to make room for the positive, and gaming is an efficient way to achieve this.

You see, when people reach the age of 33, their mental capacities become enhanced, and this enhancement is synonymous with my creativity and a sense of inspiration, so it will benefit my sense of well-being as well. The more vibrant my aura becomes; the more susceptible I'll become to being influenced by the Angels. Therefore, ey wants me to make a list of objectives and take action in pursuing them in this game.

Lelahel asks me not to be afraid to seek Divine guidance in this adventure, as it will help my psychic abilities and my spiritual gifts to grow. I'm already blessed with the gift of knowledge, but this will be a time-consuming experience that will require me to regularly cleanse my energy to continue my Lifes' work as well.

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