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2/23/2023 B

Jabamiah No. 444= It's been one of those days where nothing is working out, so I turned to the Angels for some guidance.

Do to the fact that Jabamiah is the Angel of alchemy, which helps us transform evil into good by transmuting things into spiritual gold, this Angel No. 444 signifies healing, transformation, change, revelation, evolution and leveling up.

Ultimately, these number 4s show that the opportunity for healing and transforming for the better is here, but it may come as a challenge. Ey wants me to think about how difficult it is to break a negative pattern or a bad habit. First, I'll have to identify the problem. Then, I need to catch myself in the act and choose to do otherwise. That's the call to action associated with this Angel No. 444.

Jabamiah wants me to note that this No. 444 could come with a perspective shift as well. This could be something like experiencing a complete reversal whereby I suddenly see that people haven't been against me, I've just been perceiving it that way. With that said, this Angel No. 444 also signifies an issue with my home, so the Divine is sending me a message to look at the foundations of my life- especially surrounding my family.

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