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2/24/2022 A.

Descended Master soulmate No. 24/24= The number 24 is associated with the Divine Priesthood. And since this number is composed of two twelves, it takes on some of the number 12's meaning, which is the divine power and authority of a perfect foundation in a higher form. Therefore, 24 is also connected with the worship of the Divine- especially at the temple.

It was King David who divided those responsible for music in the temple services, those who served as priests and the Levites who aided the priests, into 24 courses (1 chronicles 23-24).

And when a particular course of priests served, they usually divided their work amongst themselves by lot.

The order which the 24 courses of priests served in the temple are: 1. Jehoiarib, 2. Jedaiah, 3. Harim, 4. Seorim, 5. Malchijah, 6. Mijamin, 7. Hakkoz, 8. Abijah, 9. Jeshua, 10. Shecaniah, 11. Eliashib, 12. Jakim, 13. Huppah, 14. Jeshebeab, 15. Bilgah, 16. Immer, 17. Hezir,

18. Happizzez, 19. Pethahiah, 20. Jehezkel, 21. Jachin, 22. Gamil, 23. Delaiah and

24. Maaziah (1 chronicles 24).

The New Testament makes reference to one of these priestly courses when it states that the father of John the Baptist was a priest who served in Abia's (Abijah's) course (Luke 1:5). Abijahs' course was the eighth one, and it rotated responsibilities with other priests.

Psalm 72 lists 24 things that Jesus Christ will do when he sits upon his throne and rules as king and high priest- after the Order of Melchizedek- during the millennium:

  1. He will righteously judge the people.

  2. He will judge the poor and needy with justice.

  3. Peace will be brought by the mountains.

  4. Small hills shall also experience peace.

  5. He shall judge the poor.

  6. He shall save the children of the needy.

  7. Those who oppress will be crushed.

  8. He shall rule like rain upon grass.

  9. He shall rule like the water that showers the globe.

  10. He will cause the righteous to flourish.

  11. He will bring the righteous an abundance of peace.

  12. He shall rule from sea to sea.

  13. He shall rule from river unto the ends of the earth.

  14. When he hears the needy cry out, he will deliver them.

  15. The poor and those who have no help will also be delivered.

  16. Those who are needy and weak will receive compassion.

  17. The lives of those in need will be saved.

  18. The needy who are oppressed, and experience violence will be redeemed.

  19. The blood of those in need will be precious in his sight.

  20. He will cause an abundance of grain on the earth.

  21. He will bring an abundance of fruit.

  22. He will make those of the city flourish like grass.

  23. He will make his name to be continued.

  24. He will bless all men (mankind).

Around Gods' (Allahs') heavenly (Havona) throne are 24 (3x8) Elders, each of which wear a crown and sit on a throne and assist him (hir) in the governing of the universe (Ogdoad)

(Revelations 4:1-4).

Jesus Christ is one of these Elders, as I have discovered that one governs over the physical planes of each Centr'ea in the Ogdoad, one governs over the Hells of each Centr'ea in this Ogdoad, and one governs over the heavens of each Centr'ea in this Ogdoad.

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