2/24/2022 B.

Updated: Mar 22

The Triple Goddess sent me a Daddy long-legs when I was cleaning the house today. I found it crawling up the back of my right arm, so I put it in a safe spot while I finished my chores.

Everyone has been freaking out about Russia invading Ukraine, and I've been trying to console them the best I can.

The Triple Goddess what's to bring the fact to my attention that the eyes of most insects have multiple lenses; some as many as a thousand. These compound eyes enable them to see in many directions at the same time, so this Daggy long-legs' appearance indicates that I have a great vision of what is happening in this situation on many levels. What may only be superficially noticed by others- if at all- she says I have a good grasp on. You see, this Daddy long-legs indicates an increased awareness of what is going on around me with the improved ability to move in response to my perceptions. Therefore, the Triple Goddess is telling me that I must trust what I'm perceiving is going on behind the scenes.

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