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2/25/2023 A

Yehuyah No. 222= This Angel No. 222 is a symbol of balance with others, with myself and with all my responsibilities. It's a sign from my physical guardian Angel that I need to step back and reevaluate how the partnerships in my life are affecting my overall emotional well-being. Do I feel balanced? Have I noticed an imbalance? Am I overextending myself? could I be doing more to achieve interpersonal work goals? Ey wants me to ask myself these questions about my relationship with my twin flame soulmate and take note of how I answer them. Because, at the end of the day, this Angel No. 222 is all about coming back into alignment, but Yehuyah recognizes that I'm starting to realign myself with my twin flame through some project in my life and I'm on the right path once again.

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