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2/25/23 B

Cronus No. 1110= On this Saturday- or should I say Saturns' day- Cronus contacted me for the first time, and he is equivalent to the Roman Deity Saturn. I just wrote my intro to Saturn and how this planet influences the Zodiac signs yesterday. Saturn is considered the planet of responsibility in our solar system, and it symbolizes hard work. It's often called the Celestial Taskmaster because it teaches us the lessons we can handle. I was born on Saturday, and under Saturns' influence, I (we) can achieve by overcoming obstacles and hardship.

This No. 1110 message is about hard work, perseverance and devotion to productivity. It's about fulfilling my dreams and aspirations while never giving up on my goals and staying motivated. It means it's time for big things to happen and this No. 1110 will help me connect with the spiritual worlds, as well as my inner strengths and skills.

Generally, this No. 1110 is about finding my life purpose and spiritually developing in order to serve humanity while reach my dreams, but Cronus is also reminding me of my own talents and skills. It's also a warning from the Titan Deity of the harvest that I must pay attention to my own thoughts and eliminate all negativity from my life.

This No. 1110 has a deep spiritual association. It's a reminder that now is the time for me to serve humanity for a greater cause. It's telling me I must only have good intentions in my heart and this number represents the beginning of my spiritual journey in doing so. For my spiritual growth to flourish, it's important that I give back to society and life in a balanced and harmonious way.

Our God is a Capricorn, which is associated with our planet Saturn and Saturday. In terms of its biblical meaning, No. 1110 is said to be associated with Gods' symmetrical face according to saint Johns' code. The first and last books of the New Testament also have the same number of 1110, which are the book of the gospel of Mattew and the book of Revelation.

Note that there are many other defining phrases carrying the No. 1110 as well, which are "The birth of Jesus, the King of the Jews, Jesus' Divine Blood, Cavalrys' Savior and many more."

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