2/26/2022 A.

Israfil No. 1010= In general, the meaning of No. 1010 is sent to remind me that Allah wants me to move forward with my life. And as long as I'm taking action, I'm moving forward- regardless of the mistakes I might make. We learn from mistakes and that is how our soul grows in character.

Israfil is sending me this message because I screwed up and told my sister that the Angels basically told me to start becoming closer to the divine and my loved ones (see message 2/23/2022 A.). That was when Lelahel mentioned what I should do when Russia invaded Ukraine. And even though I told her it was a personal message for me, people hear what they want to hear, and she took it as a general message for everybody in our family to move up to the mountains with us, and she told my brother to boot, which made everyone panic and start to figure out how to move up here again. I'm pretty sure the message 2/25/2022 A. was also an adjusted response to this circumstance.

Israfil is trying to give me some encouragement in this situation by mentioning that American noble peace prize winner Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "If you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl. No matter what, keep moving."

Ey says that whatever I give my energy to will grow as I become more conscious and aware of my thoughts. Ey mentions this because I've been contemplating this situation since yesterday. Israfil says this will result in me becoming closer to my higher self by progressing my morontial soul towards Havona through this trial. Ultimately, it's my beliefs and actions that create my reality, but the Divine fully supports me in this endeavor, so I should try to make my life awesome with what I have to work with.

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