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2/27/2022 A.

Descended Master soulmate No. 35/35= I woke up in the middle of the night with the hiccups, and this means that my soul is connected to my soulmate, and we're both meant to be together.

When one soul is trying to communicate with the other, the body will show some sign to let us know about this important connection. Getting the hiccups randomly is one such sign, and this occurred during the witching hour.

After this happened, I went back to sleep, but when I started to wake up later in the morning, I heard a pleasant voice in my head asking me if I could still hear hir.

It is possible that two individuals can experience the same dream at the same time, and research shows this phenomenon is common between soulmates and twin souls. You see, dreams are often unconscious doorways that show us our path into the future, or they can help us work out issues by delving into the secrets of our subconscious from the memories of our past. Dreams can even take us to a place called Morontia and give us a glimpse of the kind of life we should have in a perfect utopia with the important soul family members occupying this Ogdoad. So, if we are constantly dreaming about someone who is alive or dead, then it indicates that their soul is trying to communicate with us. This is because the morontial soul never dies, so seeing dead individuals in our dreams is a common occurrence (2/27/2022 AB. message received).

After I woke up, I checked my phone and got the sign 35/35. The Angel No. 35 symbolizes that some major changes are going to take place in my life. These changes can be positive or negative, but my D.M. soulmate wants me to understand that I'll need to be prepared either way in order to make a better life out of the experiences I'll have. Accept all sorts of changes because they will make me a better person. These changes will involve a transition period, so I'll be able to adapt to the guidance of the Angels in different circumstances.

That said, my D.M. soulmate urges me to re-evaluate my life, relationships and current dreams by letting go of old habits and embracing a new culture.

My D.M. soulmate says that this Angel number will bring changes to my mortal relationships. These changes will be for better or worse (marriage), so if I've been struggling with my current relationships, this Angel number comes as a sign that I'll have to let go and move on. My D.M. soulmate says that my new soulmate is out there, and it is just a matter of patience in order to find her. Ey tells me to take my time getting into the right relationship with someone I share the same dreams and characteristics with.

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