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2/28/2023 A

Cronus No. 330= I asked why the divine beings haven't contacted me for a few days, and Cronus replied by saying that anyone who resonates with the No. 330 falls in love quickly and finds the right partner for them.

You see, people are attracted to those resonating the energy of No. 330 because they're attractive, powerful and have a good reputation. The spiritual path we take in building a relationship can easily attract love from someone without us having to do very many things to attract them- let's just say that luck follows me in love at this time.

Moreover, Cronus wants me to know that the choice I made towards my relationship with my twin flame will flourish together with my inner being. My love will also bring me greatness. As such, he wants me to focus on my love life and let it become my new beginning point- so that's probably why the divine beings haven't been trying to grab my attention as of late. They want me to channel my energies towards loving this new person I have brought into my life, so I need to give enough attention to my relationship with my twin flame at this time.

With that said, the Divine realm is always ready to guide me on this journey I'm about to begin. It will also be great if I choose to work harder on channeling my spiritualism into the mind of this other person, as Cronus wants me to understand that I'm actually a very caring and loving type of individual who is loving towards other people and things that matter to me in life.

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