2/3/2022 A.

Mehiel No. 202= means that in the present stage I'm in; that stage which is about to end. I have achieved all that the divine realm wanted me to achieve and know.

This is a beautiful place to be, and the Angels like it this way. Peace will follow after this stage, and lifes' path will get clearer for me. With this clarity, I can define the soul purpose of my life and put more effort into achieving my purpose on this world. This often makes us surrender our ego and accept the divine plan laid out for us.

Mehiel says that I shouldn't be troubled about the results I'll get. Just keep on trying and learning new ideas, and all will work out for the best. Remember, the zero in this sequence means a continuous flow, therefore, giving up will break this continuity.

The challenges that will be coming into my life are meant to make me grow stronger and gain stamina for a more significant project that is being prepared for me. As such, I shouldn't be concerned. just accept them and take them as opportunities to refine myself and improve on my character.

Lastly, the No. 202 means that I have started on a new path and I'm about to rise above the physical and normal world during this process. This means that I'll need to put more attention on what I'm doing in this life and how it affects my soul. Note that it sounds like these paths overlap to a degree.

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