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2/3/2023 A

Israfil No. 1200= The secret meaning of this Angel No. 1200 is related to lightworking. It means that I should use my abilities and talents to help other people, as I may have a special gift for healing minds and the souls of others. In this way, I will become a benefit to them and myself. You see, I'll start feeling much better about my life and I'll get a new sense of purpose in it as well.

To prepare for this, Israfil says that I should freshen not only my mind, but also my home, as this will be an ideal time for me to arrange my home using the Feng Shui principles. This will bring a positive atmosphere into my home and my life in general.

Israfil wants me to know that I'll have a lot of luck in the future period of my life when it comes to love. There's no doubt that the vibration of this No. 1200 is bringing me a lot of beautiful moments I'll be able to share with my partner.

The Angels will help me find my Twin Flame Soulmate. I just need to believe in them and think positively. By doing so, I'll find that someone will attract my attention and start making me smile again very soon thereafter.

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