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2/3/2023 C

I haven't heard from Muriel for a while, but ey sent me a ladybug spirit animal today that was walking along the rim of my cat's feed bowl.

This ladybug was a messenger of new beginnings, good luck, as well as love and happiness. It symbolizes how love can keep a family together- no matter how one grows and changes throughout a lifetime, but they also symbolize other things such as persistence.

Not only are ladybugs beautiful with their polka dot pattern, they are a powerful symbol that many people find fascinating. Besides the fact that they're a lovely sight to behold, ladybug spirit animals often carry a deep spiritual meaning.

The spiritual meaning behind this ladybug is associated with the balance of life, as it was balancing itself on the lip of the bowl while walking around it in circles. Traditionally, all ladybugs symbolize luck, and this is a sign from the Archeangel of the astrological sign of Cancer and the month of June, which indicates that I'll live an abundant life full of joy, but this one also symbolizes love and joy in my home because the sign of Cancer is all about home life.

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