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2/4/2022 AB.

My Thought Adjuster wants to clarify what a soul family/group is for me. A soul family is a collection of individuals with whom our soul can connect strongly on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Our soul family members possess the same type of morontial soul as we do, much like our biological family shares the same ancestry. They might not be born with the same spiritual background, as the planetary archon grid ensures that we are separated before we emerge physically at birth. This drives us to seek them out at particular stages of our morontial ascension process in order to become more whole. In every incarnation, one or two of our soul family members may be present at all times on the planet but getting our complete soul family present in our lifetime is unusual and exceptionally rare.

Meeting a member of ones' soul family is the most beautiful social experience that an individual can ever have in their lifetime, and that members' distinct character in ones' life makes it difficult to stay the same person- kind of like twins who become distinctly different individuals in time yet stay connected on a soul level for life. This meeting might last but a few hours or it can span the whole term of a marriage, but usually, such a bond can only be terminated by death once it's established on the physical plane- if at all.

A member of ones' soul family can sometimes arrive in our life in order to give us a lesson and help us achieve our spiritual purpose, or we could become part of a soul group as we get closer to our spiritual transition.

From a metaphysical viewpoint, our soul group reunion is a natural outcome of the flow of our spiritual development. For example, when we look at the ocean, we occasionally observe clusters of waves pressing towards the shore. The same thing is true of soul groups as they come closer to the silver shores of paradise.

You see, these family types play a significant role in manifesting and completing our soul goals by showing us true love, support, nourishment, protection and encouragement along our spiritual journey while assisting us in learning, growing and experiencing the divine purpose of our lives, which is often referred to as Nirvana, achieving whole self-awareness or ultimate enlightenment.

There are several types of soul family relationships that can be established as mortal beings as they include:

- Soulmates= Couples who can easily identify each other by connecting on a specific morontial level.

- Soul-friends= Companions, teachers or sidekicks who we are intended to cross paths with at the right time of our spiritual development so that we both can give each other love and support to continue on our earthly adventures.

- Kindred spirits= are individuals who match ones' spiritual ideals or agree with you on cultural matters to a point where you both could finish each others' work or simply each others' statements in any given circumstance.

- Karmic soulmates= These types or relationships enter our life in order to promote change or facilitate the opportunities that will enhance our karmic disposition- like a wrecking ball that breaks down old barriers or the planting of a seed that creates a new idea in our mind so we can progress through specific positive or negative situations respectively.

- Twin flames= These are uncommon soulmates that have been born on the same world during the same lifetime with the same energy signature, but into different genders in a physical sense like two sides of the same coin.

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