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2/4/2023 A

Descended Masters No. 33/33= It's now time for my wishes to become a reality. They want me to think about how self-affirming and successful I am and try to connect deeply with the Cosmos through my thoughts.

This No. 33 is associated with my creativity, development, skill acquisition and self-expression. In the short term, this number represents prosperity and success, but I may be able to improve my health and career in the future as well and live a content live.

This No. 33 is also a sign of bravery and self-control, and seeing this No. 33 indicates that the Masters are keeping an eye out for me.

When talking about development in this case, the term "experience" actually refers to one of two concepts: "to mature" or "to have a lot of maturing to do." They want me to make my faults known immediately because now is the moment to atone for my errors, as I must eliminate the bad in order to make room for the positive.

You see, when we reach the age of 33, our metal capacities are enhanced. This event is also synonymous with the enhancement of our creativity and inspiration. As a result, these enhancements benefit our sense of well-being improving our aura. and the more vibrant my aura is, the more susceptible I am to being influenced by the Angels.

The Descended Masters want me to make a list of my objectives and then take action to pursue them. In so doing, I shouldn't be afraid to seek out divine guidance. The D.Ms say that my psychic abilities and spiritual gifts will grow. They recognize that I'm blessed with the gift of knowledge, but revealing this knowledge is a time-consuming process, and I'll need to regularly cleanse my energy to do so.

Note that this cleansing process has to do with the Chakras, which reflect the Rainbow Bridge of this Ogdoad. With our imagination, we can cross that bridge into other Centr'ea from within ourselves. This ends up contaminating the mind, which must be cleansed of issues in order to develop wisdom from the Tree of knowledge through our experiences.

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