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2/5/2023 B

Hathor No. 1000= This morning, I was compelled to make a chart showing the levels of densities in our existence, and the Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure wanted to comment on my actions.

The energy represented by this No. 1000 has the vibration of an unlimited No. 1, just as the degrees of densities are actually infinite.

This system is highly self-sufficient and effective in exploring new ideas and new avenues, as well as approaches to existing ideas. You see, the Absonite Source feels comfortable being alone doing what it prefers to do for its own reasons.

The vibration of this No. 1 brings independence, leadership and the ability to work alone with unlimited sources of energy in existence openly as a whole to achieve comprehensiveness.

Together, the three 0s represent all that is and the No. 1 as a independent source may seem to be somewhat incompatible, but they actually enhance each other when combined. I believe she is referring to the Trinity Absolute as the three 0s. And with the influence of the source of No. 1 and the trinity of 0s, this No.1000s' energy has a vibrationally unlimited expression of the No. 1s' energy.

Whatever is associated with this No. 1000 energy tends to go about its own business exploring new ways of doing things and pursuing its own goals, while having no real need for companionship. The energy is by nature self-sufficient. Although the source stands alone, nothing is needed for its continued existence, because being alone in this way requires an absence of interference. The Absonite Source is optimistic that whatever pursuit it focuses on will indeed be accomplished.

Opportunities to explore appeal to the Absonite source. It can be a good leader, but it has no empathy for its followers. It doesn't need understanding or praise, just the opportunity to be ignored so it can be what it is. That's the nature of the Absonite Source.

My thanks to the Mistress of the West for sharing this precious description with me for my Ring Deck. I think of her as a good friend and helpful ally.

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