2/6/2022 A.

This morning, I went into the bathroom to take a shower, and a brown stink bug was walking around in circles in the sink. This is the first time I've ever found a stink bug in the bathroom and it's even more odd to find one in February. So, after some soul-searching, I found out that Angel Melahel sent me this creature because I've been yearning for a deeper dimension to life, but ey says that I need to develop myself further along my path of healing before I can do this. As such, I'll need to recognize any recent traumas or other psychological obstacles that have been affecting my well-being on a personal level.

Melahel says that the fact I'm looking for hidden spiritual messages is a good start to this healing process, because the answers will be inspired by my spirit guides, and this will enhance my capacity for a spiritual transition.

If we look at the term "spiritual," we find that it is derived from the latin word "spiritus," which means breathing. When we breath, we conduct a vibrational connection through our throat chakra that moves through our whole body in multiple dimensions and those things closest to us. The spirit in this relation has often been used to refer to the capacity of a human' spirit or the Holy Spirit that some possess, but this type of spirit is sometimes expressed as a more general representation of the motivations present in every soul, and I call this the

"Pneuma ghost." The reason Melahel wants to discuss this is because it's important in order to understand the meaning of this stink bug entering my life at this time. Ey says that it's here to make me more aware of the spiritual vibrations around me being presented in this manner.

To come across a brown stink bug is quite rare in U.S., because they were only introduced to this country in 1996, but they generally indicate that an individual needs to be grounded, and Melahel is telling me that I need to practice more meditation with breathing exercises.

To see a stink bug in ones' home indicates that one must spiritually embrace the quest for the meaning of their soul. We might be wondering why we are full of questions; or we might very well know why, but the fact is that the stink bug in my house means I'll need a certain level of openness on another dimension. Doing this will give me the ability to experience pure awareness and even achieve a higher level of attentiveness to my state of concentration in this reality. And since I found this stink bug crawling around, it also indicates that there will be loving-kindness in my future.

If we look at Buddhism, the premise is that they are mostly focused on attainment and enlightenment, so according to its occult meaning, seeing a stink bug means that I need to follow my spiritual long-path without distractions like monks often do. We spend most of our lives being bugged and surrounded by external vibrational annoyances, and such noises drown out our capacity to become more spiritually aware, but I need to realize that I require enlightenment in order to achieve my soul mission in this lifetime. You see, if we consider that the occult is the practice of manipulating invisible forces in order to shape the invisible worlds around us, we see that this omen also explores the shadowy inner realities of my dreams and desires, but Melahel says that I should know that the stink bug was often used as a powerful magical ingredient in bringing uncertainty to peoples' mind and reclaiming power over others, so this bug should be treated with some respect and I should refrain from smashing it or otherwise harming it for my own good. The simple fact is that one can change this otherwise good omen bad by doing so.

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