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2/6/2023 A

Zeus No. 40= This No. 40 sign usually occurs during times of making decisions. When an individual has many doubts and is not quite sure what to do, No. 40 will sometimes show up as encouragement. When we lose motivation, confidence or both; not knowing what our goal is or doubting decisions we've already made, No. 40 is sent by a higher power to confirm that we're doing fine.

This number is intended to bring optimism to an individual and wake up faith and hope. No matter what I do or how indecisive I am, Zeus is saying it's okay. Maybe I just need to have A little patience and wait for things to clear up while I slow down my pace. He is trying to help me regain my inner strength and find new inspiration in the world around me. There are new adventures and experiences in front of me, but I might not be able to see them due to my lack of positivism. As such, Zeus is telling me to keep calm and let my destiny guide me.

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