2/7/2022 A.

Caliel No. 355= is telling me that there is going to be a really important change occurring in my life, so it's time for me to clarify what I wish to try and set a solid course for.

Caliel says that I mustn't adapt to my present surrounding and I'll need to prioritize positive and fun choices. Also, I need to understand that my thoughts have tremendous power right now, so it would be wise to discard my old thoughts and replace them with brand new ones by being courageous with my decisions and leaving behind the old ways. This is because it is time for me to be released from the beliefs I simply believed because it was convenient, but I need to understand that this is also the past that has cursed me.

Beside me is that soul of a good person for me from my past referred to as a Descended Master, and the organized space I've created in my mind gives hir a strong relationship to me while offering a replacement way of thinking. This Descended Master is trying to guide me to a joyful life, so Caliel is asking me to please take the messages from his positively.

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