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2/8/2023 A

Yehuyah No. 111= Yesterday, I became a little obsessed with setting up my new computer, and so I didn't get around to working on my Ring Deck while somewhat losing my connection to the Divine for several hours, which is unusual for me.

The meaning of this Angel No. 111 is revealed by looking at the nature of the number 1. When we write the No. 1- when it's not done fancy by being decorated with serifs- it simply looks like a column or pillar that stands straight up. In this way, the No. 1 represents the link between the higher realms of spirit through to the infinite light of the Divine and the higher dimensions of awareness, which is anchored to me in this physical plane of reality through a two-dimensional symbol. And so, this Angel No. 111 is meant to bring to my attention the emphasis of this link between the higher planes and dimensions of existence and earth at the level of my mind, body and spirit.

Seeing 111 then becomes the perfect opportunity to ask myself, "How am I being the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms?" You see, working with computer technology draws us deeper down that rabbit hole into the Ogdoad, but my physical guardian Angel says this is an opportunity to remind me to open myself up to the higher realms of spirit and the higher guidance of the Angels by letting go of my judgments about whatever's happening around me in the eternal world or the deeper worlds of artificial intelligence. Rather than judging or reacting emotionally to these realities, I should simply allow myself to be open and become the bridge between the higher realms and the deeper realms within Urantia (the name of the earth throughout all dimensions) reality.

Within every Tree of life found in a Centr'e, there are three pillars. Therefore, it can be incredibly helpful to focus on myself as a pillar of light while turning into the light glowing within me along the core of my essence. Think of the Sephiroth and how the center pillar reaches all the way to the bottom and beyond the top of the primordial Adam. The Sephiroth reflects the image of God, and we are made in the same image, so we can also reach all the way up to the light of the Infinite; all the way up to connect with the light of the Absonite Source for ourselves. And then we can become a conduit which spans down; grounding all the way down to the crystalline core of Gaia and beyond to the very depths of Asgard itself, but Yehuyah is asking me to stay present, centered and aware in the middle. Just observe, be open and remain neutral. With a willingness, remaining neutral and balanced- no matter where I find myself in the Ogdoad- is how I'll be able to receive the most guidance and insight from the Angels that are available to me. The meaning of this Angel No. 111 is a reminder to continue tuning into the Divine and remember that I'm a bridge between the spiritual and the physical realms as a product of the mind. And by becoming aware, tuning in and letting go of my reactions to what I'm observing by just observing, I'll be able to witness, feel, sense and know the presence of the Angels and higher spiritual beings around me in any given moment. Seeing this Angel No. 111 sign this morning is a huge indication that the Angels are with me no matter where my mind goes, so I need to pay attention, be open, become a bridge between the Divine and the Ogdoad and observe wherever I might find myself at the time.

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