2/9/2022 A.

Seheiah No. 444= says that I'm generally doing well, but there is some risk when it comes to my habits as of late. This message suggests that I have been following a well-balanced and healthy routine up to this point in my life, but the temptation to steer away from it is still present.

I have been feeling that my health has been slipping because of my habits, so Seheiah is telling me to keep these tips in mind:

-Plan my days= It would be a good idea for me to plan my eating habits and prepare my meals at home.

-If I'm surrounded by people who have bad habits, I should minimize my contact with them and make a point to mix with people who live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

-Reach out and contact people who genuinely care about me, because they will be the voice I'll need to steer clear of temptations.

-Keep track of my progress, as this is an excellent way to keep myself motivated on the right path. In fact, if I feel I have been doing well, I'm more likely to stick with my good habits.

-If I'm worried that I might make a bad choice that would affect my health negatively, Seheiah tells me to try envisioning a version of myself that didn't make the wrong decision. What would I look like? What would my life be like? Thinking about these types of things will clarify the right decision in my mind and will make me realize that sticking to healthier choices is the way to go.

Seheiah is mentioning this because the covid pandemic is starting to wane, and most people will want to start eating out once again and go back to their old, careless habits. Unfortunately, some of these life choices can have detrimental effects on our lives, so Seheiah says that by keeping these tips in mind, I will be able to avoid making bad choices in the future and putting my health at risk as a result.

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