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3/11/2022 A.

Israfil No. 1111,11= This is the number of spiritual masters who have impacted humanity and shifted the vibrations of planet earth throughout history. The Ascended Masters such as Lord Krishna, Buddha and Jesus Christ, are sending me the message that I am also a Divine aspect of the creator and a Master at being my true self in human form with my beloved Archangel Israfils' guidance and support.

As a human, Israfil is reminding me that I came to this planet to learn lessons and develop my Morontial soul, then leave earth as a better place for future generations. This is reflected in my No. 0 karmic number. Therefore, I need to remember that I can make a positive difference in the lives of many individuals- just as I have changed the world for one person in my life. As such, the No. 1111 is meant to be the trigger which will set me on the path towards making my mark in this reality, and Israfil says that this world is grateful to have me here!

This message was sent to me because I was trying to open my mothers' eyes to the fact that as mortal beings, we only have value in relation to how we are able to help, serve and support Higher beings and Divine causes. And for us humans beings, it is imperative that we give our support to God and those who serve him. Otherwise, we have no value in this reality, due to the fact that we are not special or important in and of our own accord and become entirely expendable in this reality without these connections.

+- No. 11 is my greater soul urge number and is known as the Psychic Master Number 11 or the 'Master among men.' As such, it is one of the few compound numbers in numerology that retains its own vibrational essence and isn't customarily reduced to a single root number in our cosmos.

Master numbers like No. 11- at their highest levels of vibrational energy- have special spiritual significance and are indicative of the attainment of extremely high spiritual goals. so, to start resonating at the level of a Master No. 11, I have to reach a fairly high state of spiritual evolution. this is why the number 11 is often depicted as 11/2.

You see, when we combine number elevens' individual digits, we come up with the number 2. The No. 2 is a highly emotionally intuitive number, which is associated with the High Priestess card in the major arcana of the Tarot, but at the transformed level of master No. 11, we find this same energy associated with the card known as Justice, which is related to the role of kingship in our cosmos. I need to understand that the journey from the High Priestess to the Kingship of Justice involves reconciling the energy of the ego that is expressed through the No. 2 with the creative intuition that is emerging from the Master No. 11's energy in my life.

When 11 is expressed as 11/2 in numerology, it is in reference to the fact that not everyone has developed the kind of spiritual energy through the Dark Night of the Soul that is necessary to realize the higher vibrational frequency of the Master No. 11 just because they have it in their life. I won't get into the complex details of that process here, but those who are influenced by the No. 11 like me, will experience our energy fluxes though communication at the No. 2 level first.

Both 11 and 2 work on the stage of life. 2 is the storyteller who writes the play, and 11 performs the play on stage, so it is interesting that my hidden natal passion number is 2 as well. Yet, I think this core number might refer to more than just my passion for writing during the last period of my life. I believe it also has something to do with my new soulmate as either a number 2 or 20 type, which could be what bonds us together on a basic level.

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