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3/11/2023 A

Muriel sent me the same young Daddy longlegs as ey did a while back, but with a different message. This time it's a reminder to stay humble and wise. These creatures are renowned for their intelligence and understanding of the world. Therefore, this one represents wisdom that comes from within and it's showing me the power of reflection and inner knowledge. It urges me to trust my intuition and be more open-minded when it comes to making decisions.

Muriel wants me to understand that when we grow wiser, we become able to recognize what's right and what's wrong, which enables us to make the best choices for ourselves and those around us.

Daddy longlegs have also been known to represent inner strength. Seeing a Daddy longlegs in my vicinity is a sign that I'm strong enough to overcome any obstacle- no matter how difficult it may seem. Muriel is reminding me that I'm resilient and capable of overcoming any challenge that comes my way. the spiritual message being conveyed here is that I can face any challenge head-on. and with some determination, I can be successful.

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