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3/11/2023 B

Descended Masters No. 11/11= The No. 11 is considered the opposite of the biblical No. 10. The bible uses the No. 11 many times for a variety of purposes, so it has a profound religious connotation and is laden with spiritual significance.

Appling the spiritual meaning of this No. 11 from the bible to our daily lives, we can draw strength from its source No. 1. The No. 1 is a symbol of leadership, authority, ambition and individuality on an individual level, and for community and teamwork on a group level.

Mankinds' first major act of disobedience against God was the construction of the Babel Tower recorded in Genesis 11, which of course was shaped like the number 1. God passed judgement on them by mucking up their vocabulary and giving them multiple languages, which in turn stirred up confusion and mayhem. One of Judahs' final Kings named Jehoiachin had only three months to rule before Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians. As such, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was successful in conquering Jerusalem and installing the evil King named Zedekiah as a puppet ruler in Judea. But Zedekiah soon turned on his master and rebelled. Nebuchadnezzar then reconquered Jerusalem and destroyed the city and its temple in 586 B.C., ending Zedekiahs' short 11-year reign.

In addition, the Apostle John had eleven visions concerning the day of judgement (Revelation 20:12-14). but to get back to the main point here, mankind deserved praise for trying to construct a skyscraper that they imagined would reach to the stars (see the Tower of Babel on 11: 1-9), but the people of Judah were punished by God instead. In so doing, The Lord caused chaos among the laborers by mingling the tongues of a people who spoke only one language, and they ended up abandoning the skyscraper plan.

Some suggest that the biblical meaning of No. 11 could point to a prosperous future. But as we can see, the No. 11 and the Master Builder No. 22 are largely associated with evil and chaos in these passages. The thing is that my Soul Desire number is 11 and my Life Path number is 22, but Israfil warned me to avoid those who would try to stir me off my path in the message 3/10/2023 A. I think these individuals are starting to come out of the woodwork because my familiar is no longer here to protect me, so I disagree with this assumption.

You see, in Genesis 32:22, Jacobs' brother named Esau displayed his disapproval of Jacob for stealing his birthright. Because of this, Jacob took his 11 sons and wives and left his brothers' presence. Joseph had faith that his gift was from The Lord, but his siblings did not share his faith and ended up trading him into slavery in Egypt (Genesis 37).

God said in Deuteronomy 1:2 that the Israelites could have reached the Promised Land from Horeb without stopping so frequently. You see, normally Moses and the Israelites would have arrived at their destination in 11 days, but they ended up spending forty years wandering around in the wilderness instead.

We mentioned that among the last Kings of Judah was Jehoiakim who ruled for 11 years from 609 to 598 B.C., but he did evil in the eyes of The Lord (2 Kings 23:36-37). After that, King Nebuchadnezzar installed his puppet King Zedekiah, which like his evil predecessor Jehoiakim, reigned for just 11 years (2 Kings 24:18-19). Note that Jehoiakim threw all of the Jews into jail as Nebuchadnezzar took control of Jerusalem and proceeded to burn it down. And after the temple was destroyed, he lost power.

Daniel 7:8 states that the "Little Horn" was added to the other Horns of the fourth beast in Daniels' dream. The tenth Horn- which symbolizes the Antichrist- will one day take control and alter the laws governing the Torah and the days festival. And in Revelation 20, Elder John received a vision of 11 events leading to the final judgement of humanity, so who exactly is on the right side here.

It's true that the Bible uses the No. 11 less frequently than other numbers, as it appears just 24 times throughout the entire scriptures. Its negative connotation is likely the reason the Bible hardly uses the No. 11, as it's a metaphor for chaos, prejudice and flaws, which lead to disorder. I may have flaws like everyone else, but I'm not chaotic or prejudice! The sins of humankind are reflected in this number. Men rebelled against God, and at first, it appeared that there was no hope of going back. And to back up this intriguing claim, the Descended Masters are showing me a few instances where the No. 11 was associated with disorder and chaos in the New and Old Testament.

It's intriguing that the No. 11 comes right after 10 (which represents a sense of law, order and peace instituted by the Antichrist), as 11 means the complete opposite. Throughout the prophecy, the No. 11 is associated with "evil" and disorder, but it's Gods' will that is being done her and Christ himself implements this process. I should note here that Israel and the 11 Dukes of Edom were perpetual enemies. In addition, Jacobs' 11 sons were largely responsible for the breakdown of the family unit. Overall, I can see how the No. 11 in the Holy scriptures is associated with chaos and other negative aspects of biblical prophecy, but who is on the right side here!

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