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3/11/2023 BB

Odin No. 1100= As a rebuttal against the previous article, this message has been presented by the All-Father, and he offers this advice on how to guide my thoughts, behaviors and emotions.

Odin says I'm a unique individual, and this No. 1100 has a special importance to me. It consists of two 1s and two 0s. The source No. 1 is associated with optimism, wisdom, spirituality, independence and leadership. The presence of the double 0 on the other hand, denotes riches, inventiveness, creative skill and new beginnings. So, these numbers combine to indicate that I'll actually find pleasure and real happiness in my life.

This No. 1100 is all about originality, and it's being used to remind me to maintain my uniqueness. He tells me not to allow anyone to jeopardize my safety, and to follow the Divine plan for my life with integrity.

Odin wishes for me to prepare for the success that is sure to come my way, and he wants me to know that my intelligence is a powerful weapon. And with the help of the Angels, I can accomplish any goal I set for myself. As a consequence of this, Odin encourages me to dream large. I can make my dreams come true if I put my heart and soul (my Hearts' Desire Number and my Soul Urge Number 11/2) into them. With that said, Odin is pushing me to be more realistic in my approach to life, as what I do in this situation will decide the course of my life. When things become tough and I'm feeling overwhelmed, he wants me to call on the Angels for help. This No. 1100 is a message from Odin encouraging me to do new things in my life as well, as this will greatly improve my chances of personal growth.

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