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3/12/2023 A

This morning, a raven came to visit me again, and it was a messenger from Muriel. I decided to start writing my intro to my Destiny Tier of the Ring Deck this morning, and just after eating breakfast, this raven showed up jumping up and down on the phone line pole next to the house. I didn't understand what it was trying to tell me at the time, but I felt as though beginning to write on my day off was a good idea, so I jumped on it.

The raven is known for its intelligence, but it's also a bird associated with spiritual insight. Its appearance in my life today encourages me to take some time for quiet contemplation, as that will help me understand the situation I'm facing, and I'll be able to respond to it in the most effective way.

Of course, it isn't always easy to find time for introspection during a busy life schedule, and I'll have a lot on my plate until the middle of April. Muriel is reminding me of the value of mindfulness, and just as the raven sets high on top of trees- or poles in this case- to see the landscape from above, ey is telling me that I might have to look afresh at my circumstances.

Muriel says that perhaps I'm feeling overwhelmed by just how much I feel like I need to pack into every 24 hours. Taking a step back to analyze my situation can feel impossible, but even a small amount of time spent on self-reflection or contemplation each day could help me gain a fresh perspective.

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