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3/12/2023 AB

Raphael No. 1222= Core numbers make up every number. These are the 0 to 9 single digits. A unique message can be created depending on the meaning of the core numbers by using multiple core number orders or frequencies.

This No. 1 core number has spiritual importance- due to its association with oneness and unity. It's thought to symbolize the interconnectedness of all things while emphasizing the unified source of creation and transcending duality and separateness. It's a reminder for me to open up to the greater power of the Divine in mind and to accept its presence in my everyday life.

This No. 1 also carries some additional messages, which are: an encouragement to focus on the connection between my thoughts and my hearts' desire, believe in myself, the fact that the Angels are the Divine, don't allow fear or worry to limit my involvement in the world and the idea that we are all one.

The No. 2 in this sequence is associated with duality, balance and harmony. In a spiritual context, it's also seen as a reminder that we're all divinely connected and part of a greater cosmic order. in terms of Angelic energy, No. 2 is a reminder that I can use my unique gifts and talents to help others, and that we all have an important purpose in life. Note that I received this message after I wrote my into to the Destiny Tier of the Ring Deck, and this No.2 represents the energy of the Divine feminine and it's a reminder for me to stay connected to my higher self and my spiritual guidance.

As stated above, the spiritual and Angelic meaning of this No. 2 has a lot to do with balance, harmony and duality. It symbolizes the qualities of trust, cooperation and relationships, but it's also associated with Divine guidance and the ability to manifest my dreams. In numerology, the No. 2 is a sign of peace and balance, so it's believed to help create a positive and peaceful environment in my life.

The No. 2 is represented three times in this sequence, and this amplifies the meaning of balance and harmony, but it adds stability too. It also signifies a repeating pattern or something that is done in three stages. I've been having to take care of my mother since last night because she got sick with a bad headache and a racing pulse, which has put her down in bed with a bad mood. Raphael tells me that No. 222 often appears to people who spend a lot of time assisting others. While it acknowledges our devotion. it also serves as a reminder to prioritize our own needs.

Raphael asks me not to ever stop helping people, and ey states that I'm obviously doing a great job. Just a friendly reminder though, I should occasionally take a break and treat myself as well as I treat others. Of course, this number two also has to do with the path and purpose of my soul.

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