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3/12/2023 AC

Odin sent me his ravens as I was writing the previous article, and they were playing with each other before I walked up to see what was going on. Then, they just stood there looking at me.

Odin says that when we see 2 ravens playing with each other, they're revealing the beauty of trust in friendship. They're telling me that there's someone in my inner circle that genuinely cares about me, and that would be my mother. It's a sign of friendship and they say I can trust her. This is happening at a point when I've been doubting the loyalty and honesty of her intentions.

But another meaning of seeing these two ravens is love. It's a sign that I'm in a season of finding love. When we see two ravens staring at us, it's believed that the spirit of a deceased parent has come to check up on us. It's proof that I'm not alone, and it's a message of solace and comfort from the universe.

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