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3/13/2022 A.

Mehiel No. 404= Spiritually, the Angel No. 404 indicates that I'm patient in how I handle people. It also means that while I'm highly determined to achieve my goals, I'm very practical in the understanding that I need to take it one step at a time. It suggests that I'm an independent, persistent and hardworking person, and that my dedication to hard work and determination is at just the right level.

Mehiel is telling me this because I am at a point where I have to do more research on a subject before I can proceed with my work on my Ring Deck, and it feels as though I'm falling behind on my progress and stalling out in momentum, but ey says there is no need for me to be too stressed about this result- seeing as that there is a right time for everything to unfold.

Mehiel mentions that I'm doing my best to find new opportunities in life that will allow me to prove myself, and that once I find the right opportunity, I'll never shy away from it. Mehiel says that I'm simply great at seizing moments as well as accepting and winning challenges that matter.

Mehiel also wants to say that I have a lot of love from the people who are around me, and this has a lot to do with the way in which I protect them and how strong minded I am. I may feel like this situation I'm facing in life is overwhelming sometimes, and I might find myself having to give people a lot of explanations, but Mehiel wants to tell me that this is okay because I have what it takes to make everything work out in the end.

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