3/13/2022 C.

Pahaliah No. 1221= One should count themselves lucky if they see Angel No. 1221, because the Angels only send it to special people. It's a number that means change in my life is needed and the perfect time to allow this change has arrived. You see, Guardian Angel Pahaliah is the divine bond that my late soulmate and I shared, but Pahaliah says that this has become an unhappy relationship arrangement, therefore, Pahaliah is telling me that I deserve something better and that I should break up with my late soulmate and let go.

Angel No. 1221 is a power number sent to give me the courage to make this big decision and see it to its conclusion, but I need to know that I'm not alone in this life and that all the changes I'm about to experience have the backing of the Angels. As such, the Angels will keep me safe, so I shouldn't be full of doubt about this choice. Instead, I should have faith and trust in their good intentions.

Pahaliah asks that I continue to work hard- even when I seem to be facing too many challenges- because it will pay off in the end. And when I see this Angel number, I should be grateful because it means that the Divine and the Angels support me and will keep me company through my journey.

Pahaliah reminds me that I should remain positive in all situations and have faith that things will become much better, because I'm blessed, and that I should learn to be more kind to strangers who come into my life. This positive attitude will make my faith stronger, but I must realize that no one else but me can make my dream come true.

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