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3/13/2023 A

As I was writing my daily blog this morning, a young Daddy longlegs crawled on to my left shoulder to say hello, and this time it was acting as a messenger from the Triple Goddess.

The spiritual message related to this Daddy longlegs includes hope. These small arachnids represent the idea of hope because of their mysteriousness and the way they move almost eerily in the air or across the water.

Despite their fragile bodies, Daddy longlegs symbolize strength and courage. these are qualities that fill us with hope as we traverse Lifes' paths, and it definitely took strength and courage for that young Daddy longlegs to crawl up on my shoulder.

As persistent creatures, these spiders remind us of how much can be accomplished when we fight for it by believing in our goals and in the inner strength growing within us, and these principles release the feeling of hope for our journey ahead.

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