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3/13/2023 B

Israfil No. 1110= This Angel No. 1110 has a deep spiritual association. It's a reminder that now is the time to serve humanity for a greater cause. Israfil is telling me that I must have only good intentions in my heart, and this represents the beginning of my spiritual journey.

For my spiritual growth to flourish, it's important that I give back to society and life in balance and harmony. Ey wants to reiterate the fact that in terms of its biblical meaning, No. 1110 is said to be associated with Gods' symmetrical face- according to saint Johns' code.

I was wondering how this number is symmetric, and it seems that all we have to do is write it down and look at it in the mirror. By doing so, we'll find that it remains exactly the same in the mirror. No. 1110 is particularly significant because it stands for the bookends of the Bibles' New Testament. You see, the "Gospel of Matthew" adds up to 1110 and the "Book of Revelation" adds up to 1110. It's also ironic that the term "Proof in a mirror" adds up to 1110. Similarly, the beginning and end of Christs' life shines forth in this mysterious code as well. The first one found in Matthew 1:18 is "The birth of Jesus" adding up to 1110 and the second is in the last gospel of John 19:19, which were the words that hung above Christs' head on the cross: "The King of the Jews," Which also adds up to 1110. Indeed, even the defining moment of Jesus' death is displayed with this code, but so is " Jesus on Calvary, Lord on the cross, Wood of the cross, Jesus' Divine blood and the crucified Messiah." We must remember that in Hebrew 13: 8, James states that "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" (remember 3/12/2023, Sunday).

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