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3/14/2022 A.

Raphael No. 440= This number exhibits an energy that is markedly successful and powerful. This behavior is very understanding, and it glows with a distinctly respectable resonance.

You might have noticed that No. 440 has a root of number 8, so let's look at how this influences the number 440.

According to numerologists, the No. 8 is a symbol of achievements and success. 8 suggests a business venture, which is being approached for the first time in order to attain the goals we have set; therefore, it is both professional and personal. the No. 8 also symbolizes the universal idea of balance. This balanced energy is readily visible in the written shape of the figure 8 itself with its equal top and bottom halves. Therefore, the No. 8 is considered to be an eternally welcome inclusion into a number sequence because it brings an energy of achievement, accomplishment and the reaching of dreams into the situation, but this message isn't that simple. The root number only gives us a very loose definition of No. 440's true meaning.

When there are repeating digits in a number, the value of the repeated digit is multiplied to increase its overall influence. The solid and powerful influence of number 4 in numerology is a symbol of dependability and strength; much like 4-sided shapes such as diamonds and squares. Therefore, No. 4 represents solid foundations and lasting struggles. This number we can bank on, because it's designed for the long haul and is more than capable of standing up to outside forces while retaining its original structure and true nature. As such, it represents loyalty, grit and a lasting truth we can count on.

The No. 0 is a special symbol in the practice of numerology, because it's thought of as an influencer rather than a distinct number based on its own terms. Therefore, it imparts the concept of the infinite and the unknowable. As such, boundless potential is represented here, but there is also the danger that comes with random chaos and the unknown as well.

Raphael reminds me that a major aspect of numerological understanding will always depend on the place and situation an Angel number turns up in, and this will dramatically affect its interpretation. That said, this No. 440 message was given to me when I began writing my blog on the 2/22/2022 A. article this morning, which is about having a righteous mind, and how this can be used to go about achieving my success in life.

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