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3/14/2022 B.

This afternoon, I went to the front door and there were two large ravens just standing there not 10 feet away from me on the ground. I've only seen ravens in our yard a few times in the 23 years I've lived up here, but never this close and they always fly away as soon as they spot me. They know a bear when they see one :) yet these just walked around together, searching for things to eat.

These majestically beautiful birds were sent to me from Muriel, and they are a sign that my new soulmate is looking for me. You see, two ravens are good luck for finding the right partner- amongst other things, and they are a symbol of opportunities to come. They are known to help wolves and coyotes find food, and ravens also helped Native American hunting parties find bison and other animals. For this reason, the raven is considered a "Pathfinder," and it seems they have brought this particular search to my front door.

In hindsight, I also woke up with the hiccups again this morning, and my pendulum says that it was because my new soulmate was thinking about me.

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