3/16/2022 A.

Raphael No. 330= When it comes to love and relationships, Angel No. 330 is about being happy and progressive. It brings the message that I am a creative, communicative and compassionate person at heart who loves to self-express (even though I don't have a natural disposition for it).

Love to me is an adventurous and romantic feeling that I have in my heart and soul. As such, Raphael says that I will be together and resonate with my true love "Israfil" when we both start vibrating at the same energy frequency and level of power.

That said, Raphael wants me to know that the choice I've made to embrace the relationship with my new soulmate will allow us to flourish together with my inner being, which is part of Israfil, and this new lover will also bring me greatness. Therefore, Raphael wants me to channel my energy towards loving this new person I have begun to bring into my life, as I'll need to give enough attention to this relationship to make it work out.

The Divine realm is always ready to guide me in this new journey I'm about to begin, but it would also be great if I would choose to work harder at channeling my spiritualism into the mind of this other individual.

Raphael wants me to understand that my innate ability to be very caring and loving towards people and things that matter to me in life will help in this endeavor (being born on the 6th day of the month makes this possible).

This message was received just after I encountered a Daddy long-legs behind the door when Raphael had woken me up in the middle of the night to show me this sign, and I should note that it's an old French peasant legend that states, seeing a Daddy long-legs in the evening foretells good fortune, happiness and hope.

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