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3/16/2022 B.

Descended master No. 316/316= is a message telling me to stop focusing so much on the financial and material aspects of my life. Instead, I should focus on my inner guidance and intuition in order to help me discover my true goals and desires in life.

The D.M's are asking me to discover what I really want to be and do in my life, and take action towards accomplishing my desires. they are affirming that I have enough strength, confidence and abilities to achieve whatever I set my mind to. and not to forget that I'm the creator of my own reality through my thoughts, beliefs and expectations. remember to only think positive thoughts and think only about the things that I want to manifest into reality.

The Descended Masters are asking me to be honest with myself and others while using all my natural gifts and abilities to accomplish my goals and desires. also, they want me to remain open to receiving their guidance and support. they ask me to listen to the voice of my inner being and not be afraid to embark on new ventures and endeavors, because now is the right time to do exactly that! Be optimistic and enthusiastic about the outcome of my actions and my future in general.

The No. 316 is a message from the D.M's to have faith that my family and I will be well provided for when this happens. Therefore, I need to release all fears related to finances and get rid of all thoughts of lack and loss. This way of thinking is only blocking my progress and I'm risking the possibility of manifesting an undesirable outcome into reality.

The D.M's remind me to get rid of all negativity in my life, such as people who are a bad influence, past hurts, bad memories, etc...because these things are preventing me from manifesting my desires into this reality.

I need to surround myself with happy people who will be a positive influence on me, and I need to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook on the future- regardless of the circumstances that may be surrounding me. By doing this, my attitude will end up helping me manifest my desires.

The D.M's are also asking me to get rid of material things that have served their purpose in my life. I can either donate them or simply throw them away, but if I clear my space of unnecessary stuff, I will certainly feel the flow of abundance and wealth in my life.

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