3/18/2022 A.

Pahaliah No. 1212= is encouraging me to continue pursuing my desires and dreams- regardless of the obstacles! I've been waiting for some books I ordered so I could study a subject that I don't feel comfortable writing about just yet, but in the meantime, I've been redesigning my cards to better reflect the meaning of each Arcana. Therefore, ey mentioned that when I'm headed in the direction of my desires and dreams, all I have to do is keep going.

In this message, seeing Angel No. 1212 means that my desires and dreams can always manifest when I have the focus and perseverance to make progress. Remember, everything I am manifesting begins from deep within, and the outer world arranges itself according to the strengths of our energies and determination. So, by consistently focusing on my goals with passion, I can direct all my energy into the thoughts and actions that will make my dreams a reality.

Knowing the simple fact that inaction leads to nothing, I come to understand that I have the willpower to consistently do whatever it takes to manifest my desires and dreams every day, and my No. 22 life path number helps out in this regard too. Therefore, Pahaliah is telling me that I will eventually see the seeds of my desire sprout and grow if I continue in this manner; by taking consistent action towards achieving my desires and dreams each and every day. These consistent thoughts will also affect the direction of my dreams and creations, and I will end up attracting what I repeatedly feel I need to do through the thought of my subconscious. As such, through the process of using my imagination, I need to ensure that my actions are always aligned with the thoughts which I'm maintaining in my minds' eye so that I might successfully create what I want in my life.

Pahaliah says to remember this, "Everything that currently exists in our world was once a thought that came from someones' imagination."

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