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3/19/2023 A

Hathor No. 330= This is a number made up of three digits, and we find the No. 3 expressed twice. The No. 3 shows that Hathor has come to share a sense of genuine expression and sensitivity with our world because people associated with this number need to connect with their deepest emotions. The No. 3 is characterized by its pragmatism and it is utilitarian, sagacious and creative as well, but it also has objectives, and it needs to fulfill them. Therefore, Hathor is telling me that I'm becoming self-expressive in many ways and developing better communication skills.

The frequency of No. 0 in this sequence expresses the fact that everything begins at the zero point, and everything ends there as well. She wants to mention that many times we don't know the ending point, but we know the beginning, and that's where this zero point lies.

According to Hathor, in order for me to understand the meaning of this No. 330, it's necessary for me to reduce it to a single number as well, which comes out as the No. 6. The number 6 is my Birth Day Number, and it has to do with nurturing and caring for others as a skill and talent in this lifetime. I've already been told long ago that I'll have to do this for the rest of my life, only the situations will change.

Hathor showed me this sign on the clock, and she wants me to know that the hour has more meaning than the minutes, so we'll start with that. The 3rd hour is very powerful, and it has a lot of meaning. There's a close connection between religion and spirituality during this hour. You see, the 3rd hour represents a time period when the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit align with the Trinity Absolute. Therefore, Hathor is able to transmit this message to me as the Mistress of the West so we can jointly decipher its meaning.

Hathor wants me to know that I'm receiving a fairly positive message during this hour, and it states that "I'm currently in a position that allows for anything to be achievable." This No. 3:30 also represents mastery. And with a strong will, it shows that I'll be able to change my life for the better.

She says that in the Angelic realm, I have access to a vast imagination, which will offer me positive ideas that will enable me to pursue my goals. Angelic connections have been a part of my life since birth, so I should feel completely natural when I sense I'm being guided.

With the time 3:30, the second half of the hour starts, so Hathor is telling me there's enough time before the end of the hour, and this moment is suitable for starting a new activity/project.

Every day, every hour, every minute and every second, are important in life. Until the end of the day; or tell we die. And everything we create or design in our life can be considered good or bad times we have spent.

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