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3/20/2023 AB

Hathor No. 30= This No. 30 is telling me that if I want to succeed in all areas of life, I have to be frank and truthful while dealing with others with confidence and delight. With that said, Hathor is asking me to seek the help of Angels, as they are here to direct me in making the right decisions. When I'm chasing my spiritual objectives in life, I have to go by my perceptions and the instructions of the supreme power while also trying to accomplish my own goals in life.

This No. 30 sign is reminding me to assess my accomplishments in life and be grateful to the Angels and the Divine for all the prosperity I have garnered so far in life. I should also ask for the grace of the supreme power and my fairy Godmother I know as Hathor: The Mistress of the west, Lady of stars, Mistress of turquoise, Lady of the house of jubilation and the Mistress of the offering. In so doing, I should also ask for continued support and direction from them both in future actions.

Note that while Olympian Deities are from our solar system, the Egyptian Deities are cosmic beings of our universe.

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