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3/20/2023 B

Zeus No. 100= With this symbol, Zeus is reminding me that I'm receiving Divine guidance through my inner wisdom and intuition, so he is asking me to listen to my intuition to decide the direction I need to take. He is also telling me not to allow negativity and fear to overwhelm me, as only a positive mindset will bring me towards the manifestation of my desires into this reality.

With that said, Zeus is confirming that my prayers have been heard by the Universe and they are now in the process of manifestation. The No. 100 signifies accomplishment of our goals and achievements in general, so when this number starts appearing to us, know that we're close to fulfilling our goals and desires. As such, Zeus wants to say that something big I've been working on is about to come to a completion. This number is confirmation that my efforts and hard work are paying off and I'll soon be rewarded.

Zeus says I need to surround myself with people who actually care about my prosperity and success and are willing to help me achieve it, but I also have to nurture my spirituality in the process. Regardless of if I'm in good or bad circumstances, he asks me to be an example to others with my behavior and help them achieve their goals as well.

This No. 100 is an encouragement to trust my inner guidance, as I'll need faith in my ability to accomplish whatever I desire. Zeus is congratulating me on my many talents and skills, and he asks me to use them for my own benefits and that of others. He tells me not to let my doubts or fears discourage me. If they start creeping in, don't hesitate to call on the Angels for support and guidance, as they're always waiting for me to call and are ready to answer it.

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