3/21/2022 AB.

In the middle of writing the 2/21/2022 A. message, Muriel sent me two wild turkeys, which were hanging out in front of my front door. Even though I've always known that wild turkeys live up here, this is the first time I've seen one, and they were just casually hanging out at my front door no less.

These two wild turkeys indicate that my family is going to grow. And as turkeys are birds that commonly flock together, these two male and female turkeys at my doorstep say that my soulmate and I will thrive in one another's' company. We can find this spirit of togetherness reflected in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the winter holidays at large, so Muriel is telling me that my new soulmate will accompany me through the dark times to come, as the turkey is a bird that brings loved ones together in our American traditions.

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