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3/22/2023 A

Israfil No. 1111= This symbol is a sequence of blessings. It's a sacred sign that is calling my attention away from everyday reality and to a heightened awareness of the Divine. Israfil threw this in front of my face when I got home from the store late this morning, and it means I'm on the verge of a spiritual awakening so pay attention!

Israfil wants me to think of this No. 1111 sequence as the combination that unlocks untapped potential or the Divines' calling card that is raising my awareness and guiding me to a higher level of spiritual awareness in existence.

This No. 1111 shows me that a spiritual gateway has opened up for me. When we look carefully at the No. 11:11, it even visually looks like a gateway, and this portal appears when we've reached a period of alignment. During this period, my power to control and manipulate my thoughts is stronger than normal. Upon the opening of this spiritual gateway, I'll find that my thoughts begin to manifest themselves into this reality rapidly. Therefore, it's crucial for me to monitor my thoughts.

When a gateway opens, it's incredibly powerful, and it doesn't distinguish between negative and positive thoughts. For this reason, I need to guard my ideas so that I'm attracting positive rather than negative energy. In other words, when the gateway opens, I should focus solely on what I want, not no want I don't want. I need to concentrate on my goals and desires rather than my fears and doubts. If I end up losing focus on what I desire or start creating mental obstacles for myself, those obstacles can manifest into my reality. On the other hand, if I focus on ideas that pertain to achieving my goals, then I'll allow those ideas to manifest instead.

Sometimes when a spiritual gateway opens, its's the Divines' way of acknowledging us and letting us know that help is on the way. If we're struggling with something in our life at the moment, and we begin seeing the No. 1111, the Divine is telling us it's heard our distress calls and it's coming to our aid. You see, many of us go through life blissfully unaware of the workings of the Divine until suddenly we find ourselves in great need of its power and assistance. When No. 1111 appears in this context, it's important to open ourselves up and listen to what the Divine is trying to tell us.

Israfil says I'll know instinctively what the problem is that the Divine is trying to help me resolve, but to find out what support its offering, I'll have to listen. note that this is happening because I have opened my heart and mind up in order to let a miracle work within me.

If I find myself in a state of distress, it can become challenging to listen to the Divine and it can be even harder not to focus on my anxieties and the negativity of the situation, but I have to discipline myself to do exactly that. Ey asks me to trust the Divine to help me and trust myself enough to understand its messages while allowing its power to work within me.

The Divine is trying to grab my attention here, as this number sequence is just a prelude leading to a series of other messages that will be presented to me with more specific information. What additional information the Divine will provide me with will be based on what I'm personally struggling with at the time.

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