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3/22/2023 AB

When I was at the store in town, my total came out to 77 dollars and some change, but I didn't think much of it until I got home and started to write my article on the No. 1111 message from Israfil, because that's when I looked up a word on my phone and saw the No.77 again.

This Angel No. 77 is a message from my intellect guardian Angel: Lelahel. While the No. 77 rarely occurs in scripture, far more common is the appearance of double 7s- some of which have a special meaning.

Noah wanted to determine the status of the water after the Great Flood. He sent out a raven and later a dove from the Ark (Genesis 8:7-8). The dove returned without any symbol of life. Seven days later, he resent the dove. This time it returned with an olive leaf, proving that the waters had almost completely subsided- although, the ground was likely still waterlogged. He waited yet another 7 days (double 7 or 77) and sent the dove yet again. This time, it didn't return, which meant that the ground was dry enough for many kinds of animals.

Psalms 77 is one of several in the Book of Psalms written by priests serving during the time of King David, and two verses in particular praise Gods' character and his mighty power to help his people:

"Your way, O God, is in holiness; who is so great a God as our God? You are the God who does wonders; you have declared your strength among the people (verse 13-14 of Psalms 77)."

Egypts' pharaoh, at the time of Joseph, received two sets of dreams (Genesis 41:2-3, 5-6). Each set contained double sevens (77), symbolizing a seven-year period of plenty followed by seven of famine. Josephs' inspired interpretation of the dreams not only earned him freedom from prison, but also the reward of becoming Egypts' second most powerful person (Genesis 41)!

When the twin brothers Esau and Jacob were born, God declared that the second-born: Jacob, would become greater than the firstborn: Esau, would (Genesis 25:23). Years later, Jacob convinced Esau to sell him his birthright by taking advantage of his brothers' hunger (Genesis 25: 29-34).

In 1723 B.C., both Jacob and his brother Esau were 77 years old. In response to the strong urgings of his mother Rebekah (Genesis 27: 6-10), Jacob pretended to be Esau in order to further insure he received the greatest blessings from their father Isaac (verse 18-30). Esaus' understandable anger at his brother for his sinful deception forces Jacob to flee to Haram. After fleeing the wrath of his brother, Jacob ends up meeting a relative named Laban. Smitten by his younger daughter named Rachel, he agreed to work seven years for the right to marry her (Genesis 29: 1-20). After laboring for seven years, Jacob is tricked by Laban into marrying his oldest daughter named Leah instead of Rachel! Although infuriated by Labans' deception, the two men nevertheless agreed that Jacob could also marry Rachel, but it would cost him another seven years of work. It therefore costed Jacob two sets of seven years (77 or 14 years) in order to marry his beautiful and beloved Rachel. Note that these two women ultimately became the two ancestral mothers of the nation of Israel!

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