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3/23/2022 B.

Yesterday, I went to do laundry at the laundromat in town, and my Thought Adjuster wanted to teach me something about mystic love while I waited. In order to reach the high summits of universal love, a person must carry out an inner marriage, but this can also be accomplished through the physical relations of two individuals.

Like many on the spiritual paths, I have always shunned away from the idea of marriage in a physical sense, but my Thought Adjuster says there is a way to make mystic love manifest itself in a physical marriage. First, I must understand one thing. For this type of love to form the basis of a physical marriage, each person must begin with the goal of doing the necessary work of acquiring their personal balance points of qualities and virtues beforehand.

They then will receive an authorization for such a commitment from on high. In this type of marriage, we come to understand that the goal is to recuperate various parts of our inner selves by reunifying them through an outer reflection. We are able to find answers this way because mystic love always comes from deep inside our soul. the outer manifestation is only a surfacing in order to share and help each other work out our inner divisions. The day will come when we will transcend all our inner divisions and become a complete individual, and this process can quicken it. So, we can see how this type of couple becomes very spiritually evolved throughout a lifetime.

Being part of a physical marriage in an ordinary state of consciousness usually starts with passion and very quickly degenerates into disagreements or it ends up reaching a kind of status whereby the love has lost all its poetic grace. But with a spiritual consciousness of a mystic type, a couples' relationship begins with a friendship that never ceases to progress in love. This is because at night, each individual falls asleep and makes quantum progression in Morontia unconsciously with one another, Therefore, they wake up in a different state of awareness about each other then they went to bed with simply because they jointly worked through their issues in the dream state together by visiting alternate realities designed to work out there core problems deeper within the Ogdoad. As a result, the spouses change independently and continuously as souls. Yet, since they share a common destiny in this reality through a physical marriage, they never feel as if they are on different wavelengths.

With this understanding, it is easier to comprehend the true meaning of the expression "For better or worse."(see message 2/27/2022 A.). This phrase has been largely misunderstood in our society because we have lost our profound sense of commitment. In this type of commitment, "worse" does not mean putting up with an abusive spouse. You see, to commit oneself for worse means that when the other person experiences failure, lose, illness or any other personal difficulty, the understanding of the law of resonance is applied in order to allow this couple to grow together through said difficulties. In other words, our couple will serve an apprenticeship to each other. In so doing, such a commitment makes this relationship truly revolutionary in the same way Initiates grow by serving a Master. The individuals edify themselves on the inside because they constantly rectify their inner parts out of respect, yet they also edify each other on the outside due to a mutual sense of appreciation of one another, and this in turn creates stability, integrity and fidelity. The spiritual path of a couple of this type requires that they desire to improve and become better, and more altruistic individuals. Given their intentions, this process puts into action a transforming and repairing nature of ascension known as "Tikkun Olam" for an individual as well as for a couple, and we spiritually end up progressing very quickly when we develop mystic love in this manner. It's not easy and it requires adjustments to the way we relate to one another, but it works very well. When we work this way, we encounter a distortion that resonates with our relationship, and this is due to our Anima or Animus becoming the unconscious core of the distortion instead of the ego like we find in traditional marriages, so connection, communication and honesty are the keys to making a physical mystic love marriage work.

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