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3/23/2022 C.

This morning, my Thought Adjuster wanted to reveal a special type of palm line found on my hand called the "Mystic Cross."

According to the ancient practice of palmistry, all the different lines across our palms provide insight into our character traits, temperament, and can even map out our future for us.

The Mystic Cross is sometimes referred to as the inspiration line or the sixth sense line, but it really signals a strong intuition that can be developed further over time.

The standard Mystic Cross is located between the head and heart lines in the center of the palm, and what matters is their length and how strong they appear. The deeper and more distinct the lines, the stronger and more noticeable the traits of the Mystic Cross are in the individual, which are commonly revealed in a few special personality traits:

  1. Strong intuition.

  2. An interest in spirituality, religions, astrology and other occult practices.

  3. Exceptional analytical abilities.

  4. A strong ability to read people.

  5. An uncanny ability to predict the future.

I possess all these personality traits, but my Mystic Cross only crosses below the middle finger or what's known as the Saturn Mount, below the ring finger or what's known as the Sun Mount and below the little finger or what's known as the Mercury Mount.

-People with the Mystic Cross below the middle finger are thought to be versatile, and the qualities of the Mystic Cross pop up most when we are engulfed in research.

-The Mystic Cross below the ring finger tends to be very lucky, but not without putting our talents to use. We are creative types who find the Mystic Cross qualities become stronger when we entertain others.

-People with the Mystic Cross found below the little finger have an extraordinary gift for communicating things, but this is a very complicated matter in my life, as my Sun, South Node, Pluto, Uranus and asteroid Haumea are all found in my third house of communication in my natal astrological chart as a Stellium conjunction, but my planet Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in my fourth house of home and family and forms a Stellium with Uranus in the sign of Libra, and I'm not going to get into all the associations this creates with other planets in my natal chart.

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