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3/23/2023 A

Hathor No. 600= This time, the Lady of Stars urges me to abandon my obsession with money and things and balance these things with my beliefs. spirit is the source of all, and my thoughts and actions will strongly influence the long term. She wants me to be confident that I simply deserve the advantages from the Divine and be more hospitable about new opportunities and unexpected wealth. Hathor wants me to meditate and confer with the Divine in order to focus my mind and emotions on Havona. Sometimes, the Divine responds soon, but sometimes it comes to us as a spread of signs, so please be considerate about my recently proclaimed opportunities.

I've been concerned about what strings might be attached to my relationship with my twin flame soulmate after yesterdays' No. 77 message from Lelahel, and this is what Hathor has to say about it. "If you wish to love, you need to learn to allow for it from yourself initially, first. And if I'm satisfied with this, I'll be kind to other people. And after I have it off, it's certain to return to me. If I find myself lacking, taken with or feeling a tenderness for someone, she asks me to give priority to fulfilling that desire so I can store more love to give to others."

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