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3/24/2022 A.

Descended Masters No. 324/324= First of all, the D.M's are asking me to stay positive because they know I'll overcome all the negative influences in my life! This is due to the fact that many of the messages this week have been somewhat intimidating.

The Descended Masters are also encouraging me to focus on my life purpose because I received the research materials I needed to continue my work yesterday. As such, they want me to find meaning for myself. They also tell me not to live my mothers' dreams for her and to not become a doormat for my future partner and friends either. When others end up rocking the boat, I find myself stabilizing it, but the D.M's want me to stop doing that!

The Angels speak positive about my potential, so I should trust myself and realize that I'm not in charge of anyone else's happiness. If I find myself struggling to keep someone else happy, I need to consider the emotional toll this is taking on me.

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