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3/24/2023 A

Ascended Masters No. 33= The master No. 33 represents pure love. Its heart is made of nothing but bright, warm light and the divine has entrusted it to shine this light on us. Each of the master numbers have a responsibility to the greater good of creation, but it's the No. 33's responsibility to support and uplift humankind while bringing compassion to the world.

It's easy to understand the meaning of the No. 33 if we look at the energy of the numbers it's made of. No. 33's base vibration is created by the No. 6, so the No. 33 will have some similar traits as the single-digit No. 6 like being nurturing, protective and family-oriented. But it's clear that the No. 3 is the core number of 33, which means being creative and communicative will come more naturally to those being influenced by this master number as well.

I have a Life path number of 22, and a Soul urge number of 11. This master No. 33 is directly related to these other two master numbers- not only because they add up to 33, which gives it the embodiment of both the intuitive, visionary qualities of master No. 11 and the master No. 22's ability to manifest these visions into the material world, I'm at a midway point in life where I'm between walking my Life path and preparing for my Soul urge, and the Divine beings have mentioned several times that I should become a Lightworker in order to take advantage of this situation. It's interesting that many numerologists claim that the master No. 33 comes between the master No. 11 and 22- even though it comes after numerically. With that said, the blend of a soft heart, inspiring outlook and the ability to understand and communicate concepts of growth and healing are exactly what the Ascended Masters are telling me makes those influenced by the No. 33 "Master Teachers."

These individuals often become wise beyond their years, optimistic and selfless as they seek to inspire others and lift them up to a higher plane of existence, and that's exactly what I intend to do with my Ring Deck. It acts as a healing presence and a source of hope for those in need. The Ascended Masters warn me that this is a very powerful energy, and it should not be taken lightly.

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