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3/25/2023 A

Hathor No. 330= "You are at the start of a journey that will be truly inspirational and transformational. As you start to make your way, be sure to engage deeply in the world around you. There are opportunities and ideas there if you have the eyes to see them."

This was the direct message given to me from my fairy Godmother, so she wants me to know that I've embarked on a life-changing journey of learning and growth. However, this is not a sign that the path is laid out before me and all I have to do is follow my feet. All options are before me, but I can't arrive at any destination without choosing a direction. Therefore, Hathor is telling me it's time to start making choices in order to steer my path in the direction I want.

While I might not have an ultimate destination in mind right now, I have what I need to take my first steps. Along the way, she wants me to pay attention to what's happening around me and share my thoughts and ambitions. Present and engaging behaviors will open up new doors that I never expected.

+-On another note, the fairy Godmothers have their roots in the figures of the fates or the "Moirai" in ancient Greek religion and mythology, and they were considered the personification of destiny. This is especially clear in the tall of sleeping beauty, where they decreed her fate.

Fairy Godmothers don't act in a manner typical of fairies that we find in folklore beliefs. Instead, they are preoccupied with the character and the fortunes of their human proteges, whereas fairies usually have their own interests at heart. Typically, the fairy Godmothers' protege is the hero of the story and the Godparent uses her magic to help or otherwise support them. In some versions of sleeping beauty, as many as eight fairy Godmothers appear. And in the version titled "Little briar rose," there are thirteen Godmothers that are called wise woman.

The role of the Moirai is to ensure that every being- mortal and Deity alike- live out their destinies as it was assigned to them by the Law of the Universe. This destiny often spans beyond our lives and is represented as a thread from a spindle. Generally, the Moirai are considered to hold an office above the local Deities in this role as an enforcer of fate, but it is said that Zeus is able to command them.

Note that Hathor has always been said to determine the fates of newly born children, but she also represents death and ones' fate in the afterlife. Hathor is linked to the primordial celestial cow known as "Mehet-weret." This name means "Great Flood." And in ancient Egyptian creation myths, she gives birth to the sun at the beginning of time. In art, we see that she is portrayed as a cow with a sun-dish between her horns. As such, she is associated with the Goddesses Neith, Hathor and Isis; all of whom have similar characteristics. And like them, she can be called the "Eye of Ra."

The Eye of Ra generally functions as a feminine counterpart to the masculine Aeon of our macroprosopus known as Ra, which together make up the Syzygy of our Centr'e. It acts as the mother and partner in the creation cycle in which Ra begets the renewed form of himself through a God at the dawn of time in any given Cosmos. The Eye of Ra then defends Ra against the agents of disorder that threaten his rule.

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