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3/26/2023 A

Yerathel No. 222= It's been a long time since I've heard from my soulmates' ex-guardian Angel, but ey has seen fit to contact me on my day off while I'm playing a space strategy game called Stellaris.

All numbers are divided into two categories of odd and even (i.e., masculine and feminine qualities). Numerology is a system where nothing is seen as random, and everything happens as part of the whole of Lifes' design. Some believe that numbers that simply stand out to us have meaning, and with repeating numbers like 222, it usually means they have a more powerful impact.

Groups of repeating numbers have been called cosmic signals, which are considered ways of informing us that an area of life needs attention- whether it be to fill in something that is missing or reduce the frequency of something all to prevalent. This is especially true of the Angel No. 222, since the No. 2 is all about balance.

To realize the significance of this Angel No. 222, the meaning of the single digit numbers 2 and 6 must be understood. This Angel No. 222 obviously has strong ties to its source No. 2, but it also breaks down to the base No. 6 by adding the three 2s together (i.e., 2+2+2= 6). You see, bringing two opposites together in order to create a whole is what this base No. 6 is all about. And in the act of addition in this Angelic sequence, we find that the No. 3 composes this base No. 6 as well as the No. 2, as there are three 2s. Perhaps No. 3's adept creativity is why this No. 6 is said to join 2 opposites and create a whole. With that said, the source No. 2 indicates that there are two areas which demand attention here, and the base No. 6 will help us find this balance because it's the most harmonious digit of them all.

The occurrence of this Angel No. 222 represents the need to bring people together in relationships of great impact- whether they be existing relationships or ones just starting to grow.

As an Angel number, 222 represents faith and trust. This No. 222 signifies that my life is in a favorable state for finding balance. The spirituality surrounding this Angel number covers a broad range of issues including fantasies, dreams, independence and a sense of duty. However, this number can arouse nervous energy, since many people choose to ignore their capacity for doing great things. Yerathel often dissipates confusion about issues and leads us to success, while this No. 222 is a clear sign for me to have faith in how life is unfolding. Ey says that something positively significant could happen if I have trust in myself, trust in my inner desires and trust in my life purpose, but continuing down a successful path may require a little extra effort.

This Angel No. 222 indicates that others are involved. These relationships will involve partnerships, friendships, and even society as a whole will be affected. As was mentioned before, this Angel number signifies that the people in these relationships need to be brought together, which sometimes requires a compromise to be made. As such, Yerathel encourages me to take command of situations where progress was difficult to achieve in the past. You see, my soulmate and I never got to get together before they died, but we're being given another chance because they are reincarnating once again. Yerathel wants me to know that it's going to require a calm and cautious state of mind this time around. Above all else, these situations require understanding everyones' needs and working together to improve one another.

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